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Is God a Genocidal Maniac?

Introduction In one of his debates before his death, atheist Christopher Hitchens once said that if God existed, the God of the Old Testament was unworthy of the name God. Why? Because, according to Hitchens and so many other critics and skeptics, the God depicted in the Old Testament portion of the Bible is a genocidal maniac (See “Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson at Westminster” at http://www.youtube.com). Have you heard […]

On the Weekly Celebration of Holy Communion

Adopted by the Consistory of the Oceanside United Reformed Church May 31, 2005   Introduction As Christians, our only comfort is that we belong to our faithful Savior Jesus Christ (Heidelberg Catechism, Q&A 1), whom we experience in faith by the power of the Holy Spirit through the proclamation of the Holy Gospel and participation in the Holy Sacraments. As pilgrims in this age, we need to hear, see, touch, […]