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Free E-Book on the Rapture

Pastor Danny has partnered with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals to produce the free ebook, Caught Up: 1 Thessalonians and the Truth About the Rapture. Ebook (free) Paperback ($2.99)

Eastern Orthodoxy Study Report

Classis Southwest U.S. (our regional assembly of churches) recently adopted a study committee report on why people are tempted to leave Protestant churches for Eastern Orthodoxy and what we as a Reformed church can do to minister more effectively. We offer that report here.

Our Statement on Marriage

Our Statement on Marriage To the Government of the United States of America From the consistory (pastor and elders) of the Oceanside United Reformed Church August 4th in the year of our Lord 2015 .pdf   “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”[1]—the one true God whom alone is “King of kings and Lord of lords” over all nations; from whom all […]

Is God a Genocidal Maniac?

Introduction In one of his debates before his death, atheist Christopher Hitchens once said that if God existed, the God of the Old Testament was unworthy of the name God. Why? Because, according to Hitchens and so many other critics and skeptics, the God depicted in the Old Testament portion of the Bible is a genocidal maniac (See “Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson at Westminster” at Have you heard […]