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Ayunando en la Era de la Comida Rápida

Ayunando en la era de la comida rápida Rev. Daniel R. Hyde Traducido al español por Eddy Garcia Solís   Introducción La Biblia es un libro muy grande, tanto que en ocaciones leémos cosas de las cuales ya nos hemos olvidado. Una de estas cosas, es la práctica del ayuno. Un práctica bíblica, mas no obstante, muchos pastores probablemente ni siquiera han predicado sobre el tema. Una vez Abraham Kuyper […]

Is God a Genocidal Maniac?

Introduction In one of his debates before his death, atheist Christopher Hitchens once said that if God existed, the God of the Old Testament was unworthy of the name God. Why? Because, according to Hitchens and so many other critics and skeptics, the God depicted in the Old Testament portion of the Bible is a genocidal maniac (See “Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson at Westminster” at Have you heard […]

Fasting in an Age of Fast Food

en español Introduction The Bible is a big book, so from time to time we read things in it that we have forgotten. One such teaching is fasting. It’s a biblical topic many pastors may have never preached on. It’s a practice that many Christians have never practiced. Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920) once lamented: “Today there are still some found among the godly who fast. But very few. The practice has […]

Free On-line 'Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey Course' via Ligonier Ministries

Moderated by Tim Challies and David Murray, Ligonier has made its 13-week, Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey course available for FREE. The class is taught by R.C. Sproul through video lectures and everyone who signs up will also be able to download all the course material at no charge whatsoever.  Tim and David will also be hosting weekly podcasts in conjunction with the class schedule.  This is a great opportunity to go […]