Articles & eBooks


  1. Is God a Genocidal Maniac? by Daniel R. Hyde


  1. Can I Be Sure I’m Saved? by R. C. Sproul

Atonement—Death of Christ

  1. Definite Atonement by Joel R. Beeke
  2. Defending Definite Atonement by Joel R. Beeke 
  3. Problems with Arminian Universal Redemption by Joel R. Beeke
  4. In Defense of the Descendit: A Confessional Response to Contemporary Critics of Christ’s Descent into Hell by Daniel R. Hyde

Bible—Book of Psalms

  1. The Book of Psalms by The Bible Project [video; click to site for printable poster]

Bible—Book of Revelation

  1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Horatius Bonar [webpage or epub]
  2. Cracking the Book of Revelation by Dennis E. Johnson
  3. Seven Applications of Revelation by Dennis Johnson
  4. The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation by Vern S. Poythress
  5. Revelation for All Time by Kim Riddlebarger
  6. Interpreting Revelation by Cornelis Venema

Bible—Book of Romans

  1. Sermons of Romans 1–11 by Eric Alexander (audio)
  2. Commentary on Romans by John Calvin
  3. Homilies on Romans by John Chrysostom
  4. Sermons on Romans by Sinclair Ferguson (audio)
  5. Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans by Robert Haldane
  6. Commentary on Romans by Charles Hodge
  7. Studies in Romans 8 by Daniel R. Hyde (23 audio sermons)
  8. Sermons on Romans by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (366 audio sermons)
  9. Preface to Romans by Martin Luther
  10. Romans: Overview (helpful image)
  11. Romans: The Big Picture (helpful image)


  1. Bible Inspiration: Its Reality and Nature by J. C. Ryle
  2. Can I Trust the Bible? by R. C. Sproul
  3. Devotions on the Psalms by Daniel R. Hyde
  4. Devotions on the Proverbs by Daniel R. Hyde
  5. What Do We Mean by Sola Scriptura? by W. Robert Godfrey

Biblical Commentaries

  1. John Calvin’s Commentaries
  2. Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible 
  3. J. C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels
  4. The Beatitudes by Thomas Watson


  1. Being a Member of OURC by Daniel R. Hyde 
  2. Our Story: A Brief History of the URCNA by Daniel R. Hyde 

Church, Elders

  1. An Elders’ Checklist by David Murray
  2. Electing Elders is an Evangelistic Act by David Murray

Church History

  1. Calvin: Why He Still Matters by W. Robert Godfrey
  2. Facts and Men: Pages from English Church History by J. C. Ryle
  3. The Origins of Calvinism by Joel R. Beeke 
  4. Who Was Arminius by W. Robert Godfrey
  5. The Protestant Revolt: A Survey of the Reformation by Peter Lillback (11-part video series)

Eastern Orthodoxy

  1. Study Committee Report of Classis Southwest U.S. (our regional assembly of churches)


  1. Predestination and the Glory of God by W. Robert Godfrey


  1. Calvinism Gives Fire and Enthusiasm to True Evangelism by L. R. Shelton
  2. Divine Sovereignty and Evangelism by J. I. Packer
  3. Evangelism for God’s Glory by Burk Parsons 
  4. Evangelism: Naturally Speaking Good News by Will Metzger 
  5. Evangelizing the World by Lane Keister 
  6. Telling the People Truth in Love: A Reformed Approach to Evangelism by Kim Riddlebarger 
  7. The Letter to the Church in Philadelphia by Cornelis Venema
  8. The Sovereignty of God and Evangelism by Paul Helm 


  1. What is Faith? by R. C. Sproul

Family Life

  1. Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children by Joel R. Beeke 
  2. Family Worship by Joel R. Beeke 
  3. Fasting in an Age of Fast Food by Daniel R. Hyde


  1. What Can I Do With My Guilt? by R. C. Sproul


  1. Of Communion with God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost by John Owen


  1. Does God Control Everything? by R. C. Sproul


  1. What is the Trinity? by R. C. Sproul


  1. Can I Know God’s Will? by R. C. Sproul


  1. Cultivating Holiness by Joel R. Beeke 
  2. Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots by J. C. Ryle
  3. Holiness by Joel R. Beeke 
  4. How Should I Live in this World? by R. C. Sproul
  5. Of the Mortification of Sin by John Owen 
  6. Of Temptation by John Owen
  7. The Art of Divine Contentment by Thomas Watson

Holy Spirit

  1. The Work of the Holy Spirit by Abraham Kuyper
  2. Who is the Holy Spirit? by R. C. Sproul
  3. In Search of the Spirit by Daniel R. Hyde
  4. The Holy Spirit in the Heidelberg Catechism by Daniel R. Hyde

Jesus Christ

  1. Christologia: Or, a Declaration of the Glorious Mystery of the Person of Christ—God and Man by John Owen
  2. Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ by John Owen
  3. Who is Jesus? by R. C. Sproul


  1. Can I Have Joy in My Life? by R. C. Sproul

Justification by Faith

  1. Justification By Faith Alone by Joel R. Beeke 

Kingdom of God

  1. Kingdom and Kingdoms by W. Robert Godfrey 

Law of God

  1. The Ten Commandments by Thomas Watson

Lord’s Day/Sabbath

  1. Sabbath Rest by Sinclair Ferguson 
  2. The Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath by James T. Dennison

Lord’s Day/Sabbath—Evening Worship

  1. Let’s Keep Our Sunday Evening Worship by Paul H. Alexander
  2. Don’t Give Up on the Evening Service by Kevin DeYoung
  3. The Death of the Evening Service by Mark Jones
  4. Recovering the Lost Treasure of Evening Worship by Jon D. Payne
  5. The Evening Service by Robert S. Rayburn
  6. Are Evening Worship Services a Matter of Personal Preference for God’s Children? by William J. Vermeulen


  1. Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds
  2. The Weapon of Prayer by E. M. Bounds
  3. Does Prayer Change Things? by R. C. Sproul
  4. The Lord’s Prayer by Thomas Watson
  5. Prayer Day: Priority or Pitfall by Wybren Oord


  1. Simplicity in Preaching by J. C. Ryle
  2. Preaching Christ From the Old Testament by Sinclair B. Ferguson
  3. The Lasting Power of Reformed Experiential Preaching by Joel R. Beeke


  1. What Does It Mean to be Born Again? by R. C. Sproul


  1. Jesús Ama a Los Niños Pequeños (Jesus Loves the Little Children) by Daniel R. Hyde
  2. What is Baptism? by R. C. Sproul


  1. On the Weekly Celebration of Holy Communion by Oceanside United Reformed Church
  2. “The Thing As It Is”: Being Questions and Answers About the Lord’s Supper by J. C. Ryle


  1. A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson
  2. Exposition of Reformed Doctrine by M. J. Bosma
  3. Summary of Christian Doctrine by Louis Berkhof


  1. Pleasing God in Our Worship by W. Robert Godfrey
  2. Why We Sing Old Testament Psalms by Daniel R. Hyde
  3. Worship: Evangelical or Reformed? W. Robert Godfrey