Studies in Romans #8: A Final Thought

A final thought on our eighth study in Romans 2:1–5 (August 23, 2015) entitled, “Knowing the Seriousness of God’s Judgment on Sin.”

Modern Christianity is so worldly. One of the ways we see this is in the area of the doctrine of sin. Sin is downplayed in so many ways, whether the denial of our being born sinful, or making sin some bad things we do, or in outright never mentioning it. Proof of this here in North County is when was the last time a direct mailer from a church mentioned sin?

We have to ask ourselves whether a church that never preaches the seriousness of sin actually preaches the good news of God’s grace in Jesus Christ? Put another way, how can we say we love God’s grace if we never talk about why we need grace in the first place?

At the OURC we are all about Jesus Christ, which includes the reason he came to live, die, and rise again—our sins. Let’s put this into practice. How?

First, let us come with our sins to God in worship and honestly confess them before him. In doing so we will come to experience anew his amazing grace in Christ.

Second, let us pray for the lost, who are dead in sin, who are separated from God, and who are outside of God’s saving grace. After all, if we don’t think our friends are in peril, we won’t have any reason to urgently bring them before the Lord.

Third, let us glory in the preaching of the whole counsel of God every time it is preached, no matter what is preached. We should be just as amazed when we hear of our sins as when we hear of the Savior’s grace.

May God make us such a church!

Pastor Danny

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