Studies in Romans #4: A Final Thought

A final thought on our fourth study in Romans 1:16 yesterday morning (July 26, 2015) entitled, “A Gospel Church in an Age of Gimmicks.”

What an amazing text! The preaching of the gospel is the means God uses to exercise his power to raise the spiritually dead, to give sight to the spiritually blind, to give new hearts to those with hearts of stone, to convert the stubborn will, and to give hearing to those whose spiritually ears are stopped up.

I mentioned that this should lead us to be full of confidence as a congregation. How can we be otherwise? Our God has always worked this way, using foolish and weak means and methods to save sinners. He used stuttering Moses to preach to Pharaoh. He used adulterer David to defeat the Philistines. He used a lowly virgin to give earthly birth to his eternally-begotten Son. He used a shameful cross to bring himself glory. And he uses us as sinful human beings to spread his good news to our friends and family.

Be confident in inviting people to hear the Word. Be confident in prayer that they will be saved. Be confident that God will humble the wisdom of the world in saying preaching is outdated. Be confident that God will add to our church more and more sinners of every tribe and language and nation.

May God make us so confident!

Pastor Danny

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