Studies in Romans Begins June 14

Bible-Book-of-RomansThe New Testament scholar. F.F. Bruce (1910–1990), once wrote:

“There is no saying what may happen when people begin to study the letter to the Romans. [This study] launched great spiritual movements which have left their mark in world history. But similar things have happened, much more frequently, to very ordinary men and women as the words of this letter came home to them with power. So, let those who have read thus far be prepared for the consequences for reading farther; you have been warned!”

Beginning June 14, 2015, in our 10:15 morning service, the OURC will begin a series of “Studies in Romans.”

Join us as we seek to let God be God and do what he wants for us, in us, and through us in our community.

For some free online resources, see the following: