National Day of Prayer @ 6:30pm

Join Christians in North County who will be coming before the face of Almighty God to pray to for his blessing upon our nation, our communities, and our churches. We gather at 6:30pm in the Rec Hall of the Army & Navy Academy (2605 Carlsbad Blvd.), which is at the back of the property overlooking the ocean. We also encourage you to humbly prepare yourself by fasting as able throughout the day. For help in fasting, listen to two recent sermons by Pastor Danny:

Thanksgiving Day Service 2016

We invite you to join us on Thanksgiving morning @ 10am as we assemble particularly to give thanks for the great benefits that we have received at the Lord’s hands, to set forth hi[...]

Fasting in an Age of Fast Food

en español Introduction The Bible is a big book, so from time to time we read things in it that we have forgotten. One such teaching is fasting. It’s a biblical topic many pastor[...]