Free On-line ‘Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey Course’ via Ligonier Ministries

Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey

Free 13-week ‘Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey’ course taught by R.C. Sproul

Moderated by Tim Challies and David Murray, Ligonier has made its 13-week, Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey course available for FREE.

The class is taught by R.C. Sproul through video lectures and everyone who signs up will also be able to download all the course material at no charge whatsoever.  Tim and David will also be hosting weekly podcasts in conjunction with the class schedule.  This is a great opportunity to go through an infrequently studied section of Scripture by one of the premier theologians of our day.

Click here to sign up now

Tentative timetable:

  • Feb 19-28 Sign up period
  • Feb 26 Connected Kingdom Podcast to introduce and explain the class
  • Feb 26-March 4 Watch first lecture and complete questions
  • March 5 Connected Kingdom Podcast on Lecture 1 (and begin lecture 2)
  • Weekly lectures and podcasts thereafter.

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