In Living Color: video interview with Rev. Hyde about his book

Surrounded as we are by images of Jesus in magazines and movies, you may be surprised to learn most Protestants once rejected pictures of Christ as sinful. Our pastor’s book, In Living Color, explores this subject in light of biblical doctrine and the historical perspectives of the church. His conclusion is that God has provided his own visual pictures of Christ in baptism and the Lord’s Supper—and nothing more is needed or allowed. This video interview will give you some idea of the book’s content…

“The purpose of In Living Color is to give a pastoral explanation from Scripture and the historic Reformed confessions of faith for the prohibition of images of God and Jesus Christ. It does this by looking at man’s desire for the visual in his relationship with God and how God rejects man’s efforts to image him. Instead of images, God has given the new covenant church the Word and sacraments as manifestations of his presence among us until Christ comes again, visibly and corporeally—in living color.”

Rev. Hyde on the Radio

Rev. Hyde was just featured in a one-hour interview with Kevin Boling of the “Knowing the Truth” radio broadcast. Our pastor was asked to speak about his latest book, God in Our Mi[...]